Academic journal and law review articles
Every academic journal or law review has its own style. I have extensive experience as an academic editor and familiarity with a range of style guidelines. If you need to have an article translated or edited, I will work with you to polish it and prepare it for publication.

Book translation
Hebrew-to-English translation is Israel’s main bridge to the rest of the world. If you have written a book that you would now like to translate into English, it is probably because you want to reach a new and wider audience. I approach book translation with attention to both the author and the audience, working with you to translate your voice in a way that speaks to the new target audience.

Translation is a dialogue
The transition from Hebrew to English is also a transition to a different culture and context, to a new audience. Part of my job as a translator is to find the author’s voice in English and direct the tone of a translated text to the new target audience. I see this process as a dialogue between the author and the translator. When there is room for interpretation or nuance, I offer alternative terms and phrases to get a sense of the author’s style and tone as we proceed, and to tailor the translation to the author’s voice.

I am a native English speaker with more than 15 years of experience as a Hebrew-English translator and 30 years of experience as a writer and editor in English. I grew up immersed in English, Hebrew, and academia. At age 14 I began translating academic material (in exchange for Japanese lessons) and Hebrew literature and poetry (for fun). Since then I’ve also worked as an international lawyer, researcher, editor, adjunct professor, and director of several non-governmental organizations, all of which involved extensive writing and exposure to a range of academic fields and policy issues, and all of which I now bring to my work as a translator and editor.