Basic Rates


Translation base rate, not including VAT, in the source language (Hebrew):
NIS 135 / 250 words

Editing base rate, not including VAT:
NIS 60 / 250 words

The rates for the various degrees of editing (per 250 words) are as follows:

  • Rewriting NIS 70
  • Thorough editing NIS 60
  • Polishing (grammar, syntax, formatting, additional copyediting) NIS 40
  • Correcting/proofreading (consistency, spelling) NIS 20

To these basic rates, a surcharge may be added for any of the following:

1. Scientific, scholarly, technical or other professional texts requiring time for research and/or verification
2. Texts in a new area requiring explanation or the coinage of new terminology
3. A literary text, a text with a unique style, or poetry
4. An unclear text (unedited or with numerous corrections)
5. A rush job
6. Additional desktop publishing or layout requirements.

The rate for a short text (less than 250 words) is the same as for a full page.